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Press Release

16th GARMENTECH Bangladesh 2017 to showcase technology solutions related to Efficiency,Productivity, compliance, safety and Product Diversification for the RMG Sector between January 18 and 21, 2017 concurrent with 8th Yarn & Fabric Sourcing Fair and GAP Expo 2017.

16th Edition of GARMENTECH Bangladesh-2017 to showcase latest apparel technology from Technology Leaders from across the world.
8th Edition of International Yarn & Fabric Sourcing Fair to showcase latest collections of fabrics from international suppliers
8th edition of GAP Expo-2017 will showcase Garment Accessories and Packaging Solutions.

6 Jan 2017 Dhaka : 3 International Tradeshows with participation of nearly 400 companies from more than 30 countries to showcase latest in Garmentech Manufacturing Technology, Yarn and Fabrics and Garment Accessories & Packaging Under-one-roof for the benefit of RMG sector of the country, is being organized between January 18-21, 2017 at International Convention Centre Bashundhara, Dhaka Mr. Tofail Ahmed, M.P., Hon’ble State Minister for Commerce, Govt. of People’s Republic of Bangladesh will be the Chief Guest.

Zakaria Trade & Fair International , ASK Trade & Exhibitions Pvt Ltd and Bangladesh Garment Accessories & Packaging Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BGAPMEA) are organizing 16th edition of GARMENTECH Bangladesh 2017 – International Apparel Machinery & Allied Products Tradeshow, 8th edition of International Yarn & Fabrics Sourcing Fair, 8th edition of GAP Expo-2017 International Garment Accessories, Packaging & Related Machinery Expo all under roof.

GARMENTECH Bangladesh 2017 into its 16th edition has been showcasing the latest in global technology related to the Garment making closer to the door steps of the RMG makers in the country. Latest in technology related to improving Productivity, Quality, Compliance & Value addition – the key challenges being faced by the industry in the country will be showcased by the global leaders in technology and machinery at the four day show.

Bangladesh consolidating itself as one of the leading suppliers of RMG to the world and the expectations of safety and compliance is growing. As a logical extension RMG makers are moving up into the value chain by producing value-added garments. It is in this context GARMENTECH Bangladesh 2017 becomes an important event for the industry to not only source latest machinery but also see new technology in action.

GARMENTECH Bangladesh 2017 will showcase the latest in Sewing, Knitting, embroidery, Laundry, Finishing, Dyeing, CAD/CAM, Printing, Cutting, Spreading machinery from leading companies of Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, India, Turkey, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, USA, Sri lanka and Bangladesh. Some of the machinery is being launched keeping in needs of the industry for the first time in Bangladesh at the Show. The show always has been attracting the decision makers and technical personnel from the RMG industry in the country.

Into its 8th edition International Yarn & Fabrics Sourcing Fair will have the latest collection of natural and synthetic yarn and fabric and its blends both for woven and knit sectors being showcased by overseas companies from India, China, Singapore besides Bangladesh. In the quest for value added garments sourcing newer and innovative blends of natural and synthetic fabrics will be showcased for the benefit of those visiting the show.

8th edition of GAP Expo-2016 Co-organized with the Bangladesh Garment Accessories & Packaging Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BGAPMEA) will have largest collection of garment accessories and packaging used by the RMG industry to be showcased by leading companies from Bangladesh as well as from overseas

Companies will be showcasing Garment Accessories, Packaging and related machinery including Labels, Zippers, Tags, Tapes, Thread, Ribbon, Buttons, Rivets, Laces, hooks, Transfer Film, paper, ink etc., along with related machinery.

The show is open between 11am to 7pm on all days. Entry is free for all. For more details of the participants refer the Invitation. For more details about the organizer visit or

“ After an eventful 2016, RMG sector is surging ahead to reach the target of $50 billion of exports by 2020. 16th edition of GARMENTECH Bangladesh 2017 will be the technology destination of the RMG sector to modernize and upgrade and move up the value chain.” Informed Mr. Tipu Sultan Bhuyian, CEO, Zakaria Trade & Fair International, the organizer of the fair.

“The concept of 3 international Tradeshows showcasing Apparel Machinery, Yarn & Fabrics, Garment Accessories, Packaging & related Machinery under one roof from leading international firms from all over the world has been appreciated well as it presents a tremendous sourcing opportunity for all the stake holders in the Textile & RMG industry” said Saleem B, Director, ASK Trade & Exhibitions Pvt Ltd. The organizer of the fair.

For information write to or visit

Export Performance :
RMG Exports in 2015-16 has have been USD 28 Billion up from USD 25.5 billion in 2014-15. Share of Woven garments is USD 14.7 Billion and Knits accounting for USD 13.3 Billion. Shares of Shirts USD 2317 Million, Trousers USD 6319 Million, Jackets USD 3774 Million T-shirts USD 6118 Million and Sweater USD 3182 Million respectively.

RMG industry of Bangladesh has been taking the world by storm for the past four decades. Bangladesh has been called one of the fastest growing GDPs by eminent economists of the world, increasing 2700 per cent in just four decades. RMG sector comprises of 82 per cent of Bangladesh’s exports. Today, Bangladesh stands to be the 2nd largest exporter of apparel all over the world, next only to China. China is now using Bangladesh to outsource its RMG products. Surveys found that European and US companies are planning to expand the share of their sourcing from Bangladesh from 25 to 32 per cent by 2020, from an average of 20 per cent. Bangladesh has a great opportunity to become the hotspot of apparel sourcing.

Challenges Ahead :
To continue to remain as the hotspot and sustainable, this sector needs to be developed in different areas.

Infrastructure: RMG sector needs to improve on infrastructure on a continuous basis learning from incidents of the past and adopting best practices both from within as well as those practiced elsewhere.

Productivity: Comparing the wages versus productivity of competing nations, analysts improving productivity and technological upgradation will be critical from Bangladesh to reach the target of earning USD 50billion by 2021″ industry needs to shorten the lead time Technology and automation will be the key.

Unskilled Labor : For employers, the most pressing of these challenges is a shortage of skilled workers (particularly at operator, quality checker and supervisory level). Lack of training capacity and co-ordination challenges limit the effective development of sufficient number of skilled workers to meet the growing demand.

Product and Market Diversification: Bangladesh needs to develop the products and should diversify its export basket. Strengthening the capacity for upscale products is very important for the Bangladesh RMG industry if it is to enhance its competitiveness. Bangladesh needs to address both qualitative and quantitative expansion of its RMG industry simultaneously in order to sustain the business in the long run. Bangladesh needs to expand its capacity for manufacturing high quality, high-priced garment products. RMG sector needs to improve overall operational efficiency and technological upgradation, reducing lead time, market diversification.